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The Tyra Redevelopment project includes the removal of steel, equivalent to 7 Eiffel Towers. This work is divided into two phases, and two giant ships will be used- some of the largest in the world – for this work. The first phase requires precision to protect legs and wells which will be reused, whereas the second phase requires a massive amount of horsepower when Tyra East, with a weight of 2 Eiffel Towers, is removed in a single lift. 

At the end of the removal project, the Tyra Redevelopment will approach the completion of the removal campaign and make way for the future Danish gas hub, which will secure tax revenue and reduce the climate footprint by 30%.

Key facts:
•    50,000 tons of steel removed – the same as 7 Eiffel Towers or 122 fully loaded jumbo jets.
•    More than 30 lifts are performed in just three months. 
•    This is the first time ever that a platform from the Danish North Sea is removed.  
•    More than 750 people have been working offshore to carry out the more than 800,000 man-hours needed to prepare the platforms for removal.
•    Important local partners have had core tasks in the preparation of the removal.

Tyra Redevelopment - 2020 Removal Campaign

First phase

Precision is a core focus in the dismantling work during the first phase. The existing legs and wells of the platforms in the Tyra field will be reused and extended in the new design, which makes it critical that the lifts are performed with a tolerance of millimeters of precision to prevent the legs and wells from being damaged during the dismantling work. 

With the help of Sleipnir -the world’s largest crane ship, with 220 meters long and 102 meters wide, same as approximately 4.5 Olympic swimming pools – the teams performed more than 20 lifts in just one month, including 5 wellhead and riser topsides, 2 bridge modules, 2 flare towers, 8 bridges, support braces and 1 jacket. In summer 2020, the last major lift in the first removal phase of the Tyra Redevelopment in the Danish North Sea was finalized.

Tyra Redevelopment - Tyra progression
Tyra Redevelopment - Final lift of the first phase
Tyra Redevelopment - Offshore Removal Campaign - Completion of the First Phase

Second phase

The second phase is all about raw horsepower, when Tyra East, the heaviest platform with a weight of 15,500 tons of steel or the equivalent of 2 Eiffel towers, has to be lifted during the dismantling work. 

The two integrated accommodation and process platforms will be removed in two weeks in August by Pioneering Spirit, the world's largest construction ship -almost half a kilometer long, the length of four major football fields.  With its powerful capacity, Pioneering Spirit will be able to remove each of the two main platforms in one single lift. This simplifies the work compared to the way the platforms were originally installed as several smaller pieces back in the 1980s.

After the removal, the two platforms, which have been the home for more than 440 employees annually for more than 35 years, will be sailed to the newly established MARS yard in Frederikshavn for reuse and disposal, whereas the smaller platforms and bridges are delivered to Vlissingen, Holland.

Tyra Redevelopment – Tyra Removal - Lift of the main Tyra East platform
Tyra Redevelopment – Tyra Removal – Key milestone