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  • On 2 September, the two jackets successfully left our Tyra site in Cadiz, Spain where they were assembled and successfully made their way to the Tyra field in the North Sea in the beginning of September. 

  • The sail-away from the Dragados yard in Spain marked an end to the activities in the yard, and it was the first Tyra-site that was closed after a successful delivery.

  • On 28 September, the Tyra Redevelopment teams leave the Tyra field after a successful jacket installation campaign taking place throughout September. The two massive new jackets are now ready to carry the new state-of-the-art processing platform and home-away-from-home platform.

  • The installation campaign was carried out using the world's largest crane vessel Sleipnir – an 'old friend' that has also helped to execute the removal campaign earlier this year. The sheer size of the vessel was needed since the two massive jackets fabricated at the Tyra Site in Spain weigh 10,400 tons together, equivalent to more than one Eiffel Tower. First the new jacket for the state-of-the-art processing platform was smoothly put into position and then the installation of the new jacket for the home-away-from-home platform was successfully completed.

  • As the jacket milestone is achieved the journey continues. Fabrication continues across our yards in Italy, Batam and Singapore, while in Vlissingen and Frederikshavn all are working hard to achieve the aim of recycling more than 95% of the old Tyra.


  • The two jackets are 75 meters high
  • The jacket for the new processing platform weighs 6,4000 tons
  • The jacket for the accommodation platform weighs 4,000 tons
  • 20 piles each 85 meters long and 400 tons heavy were used to support the two jackets
  • The subsea hydraulic hammer used for piling is from Menck and weights 400 metric tons
  • Sleipnir – the world's largest crane ship, with 220 meters long and 102 meters wide same as approximately 4.5 Olympic swimming pools executed this campaign


Jacket Installation