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Nick L., senior geologist


Nick’s career has enabled him to work across locations and develop knowledge across the upstream value chain, working in exploration, on development projects and on producing assets.

Innovate to Improve

Less than one year into the programme, Nick was geosteering a long-reach horizontal well on the Halfdan field in the middle of the Danish North Sea, using real-time downhole log data to make decisions to ensure we were hitting the sweet spot in a particular reservoir zone.

Positive Energy

Eight years and five positions later, that experience, exposure and perspective has stayed with him and helped him make better plans and decisions along the way. Nick believes the chance to live in different countries and work on complex projects in challenging environments like the North Sea, West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico has been fundamental to his continued enjoyment at work and helps him bring “better energy” to the intellectual and technical challenges he faces.

"Being challenged by interesting and exciting projects has been vital for a stimulating and engaging career”, Nick. 



2017 to present

Senior development geologist on the Jack field in the U.S.A., based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Project manager for the Al Shaheen transition to NOC and close-down of Maersk Oil Qatar, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Development geologist for the Jack field in the U.S.A., based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Development geologist for the Chissonga project in Angola, based in Houston, U.S.A.



Exploration geologist for North Sea and West Africa, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



MITAS Geologist with wellsite, exploration and development rotations in the U.K. and Denmark, based in Aberdeen, U.K.