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Laura C., vessel inspection coordinator


I’ve held seven different positions, all in the engineering and technical space, but with very different objectives and accountabilities, so I’ve had a lot of exposure to a variety of roles.

Change for the Better

I will also always look back fondly at my first helicopter trip that took me to spend my first couple of days on a platform. I had so many questions racing through my head! It was busy and everyone seemed so professional and knowledgeable. Not to mention in 2004 there weren’t many females offshore. Thirteen years later, I don’t go offshore much, but I still very much enjoy that environment and now I have an opinion and lots of experience to back it up. And of course today there are also more and more women working out there.

Positive Energy

Over the 12 years I have worked for Maersk Oil, the company has evolved a lot, and we are about to go through another huge change with Total taking over in 2018; a change I’m curious about and look forward to be part of.

“Constantly looking for better, more efficient ways of working has helped me build a varied and interesting career”, Laura.



2016 -2017

Maintenance Engineer, Esbjerg



SD coordinator, Dan/Gorm Asset, Esbjerg



Gorm production support, Dan/Gorm Asset, Esbjerg



Well equipment and technology, well service department, Esbjerg



Mechanical engineer, In-service, Integrity and Maintenance department, Esbjerg



MITAS (Maersk International Technology and Science Program), Maersk Oil